One of my favorite places on earth.

Big Sur, CA: one of my favorite places on earth.

Welcome to Simplicity Relished. This blog is all about discovering what it means to live the good life— a life full of purpose, joy, beauty and hope. Join me as I journal, travel, cook, host, and celebrate simplicity, one day at a time.

Pure joy in the Dominican Republic.

Pure joy in the Dominican Republic.

Daisy is an aspiring special-needs teacher in pursuit of the good life. She adores farm-to-table food, timeless elegance, natural beauty, strong traditions, diverse communities, and the good news of the Gospel. She married the love of her life in June 2014 and is learning to call Pasadena, CA her new home. She hopes that Simplicity Relished will be a reminder to cherish the simple things that bring us true joy.

Daisy's best girl friends!

The best girl friends I could have asked for.

Fun Facts About Daisy:

Favorite food: Consistently, sushi.

Year I was born: 1990.

Dream vacation: Bhutan. Or anywhere in France.

Pet peeves: Bad grammar, bad haircuts, and bad coffee.

Favorite tea: Matcha or oolong.

What I loved most about college: Living with my best friends, and my college fellowship. And being surprised by New England beauty.

The TV show I can’t stop quoting: Modern Family, mostly Mitchell.

Go-to drink: Dark and stormy… mmm ginger beer.

Worst habit: Eye-rolling. And criticizing.

Favorite city: Manhattan or Paris.

Where I met my husband: Middle school!

Favorite quote: My feet is tired, but my soul is rested. –Rosa Parks


I would love to hear from you! Contact me: simplicityrelished@gmail.com




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