Journal Entry: Desperation and Creativity

Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taichung, Taiwan


I’m writing because there’s some cosmic pressure on my shoulders. Completing a senior thesis never occurred to me as a way to risk my intellectual confidence, sanity, and sense of identity on something no one will ever read. The irony is almost as worth writing about as the thesis topic itself.

Desperation has always inspired me to create. There’s something about that release of tension during a crucial moment, when we fight against the “oughts” and relish in the glory of just existing. After writing this brief inaugural post I’ll probably return to a pile of articles yet to be read and analyzed. But for now, I’m setting up this blog– as the beginning of a new outlet.

Who knows what’s going to be on this website, available for all the world to see? I won’t worry about it now. Maybe it will include my favorite recipes, lifestyle advice, fun photographs and nostalgic musings here and there;  perhaps it will become something far more specific. The open-endedness is thrilling. Like a rush of wings over calm morning water.


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